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Company Profile
Tongling Nonferrous Jinshen Wear resistant Materials Co., Ltd. (referred to as Jinshen Company) is a holding subsidiary of Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Copper Crown Investment Co., Ltd. It is a professional steel ball production enterprise that integr
Focus News
Scientific Research
  • The invention relates to an automatic forging device for producing wear-resistant steel ball

  • The utility model relates to a heat treatment process for refining ferrous metal particles

  • The invention relates to a production method of high strength and tough wear-resistant steel ball for mining

  • The utility model relates to a normalizing pretreatment process of wear-resistant steel ball for large semi-autogenous mill after forging

  • Preparation method and application of wear-resistant high manganese steel based on TWIP effect and nanometer precipitation strengthening

  • Low chromium cast ball
  • Ton bag packaging
  • Iron box packaging
  • Iron drum packaging
  • Container packaging
  • Alloy forging ball
  • High chromium cast ball